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If your citation has been filed with the court, you may pay your fine online.

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Submit a Not Guilty Plea

The Milwaukee Municipal Court accepts online Not Guilty pleas for certain types of cases/citations.

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Reschedule a Court Hearing

The Milwaukee Municipal Court accepts online Reschedule requests for certain types of cases and hearing types.

Juvenile Hearing

Juvenile Hearing

Juvenile Registration Online

To search, you must enter at least the first letter of the last name. To further refine your search, enter the entire last name, all or part of the first name, a middle initial or the month/year of birth. For the narrowest search results, enter information into as many search fields as possible. When including a middle initial or month/year of birth, you will only receive results that match these values exactly. If you are unsure of the middle initial or birthdate or if the record does not include these pieces of information, you will need to leave the fields blank to locate the case.