The date of your first court appearance is written on your citation (ticket), summons or complaint. The Court conducts hearings virtually and in person. Prior to the court date, you will receive a letter with steps to register. You MUST register in advance and notify the Court if you will appear virtually or in person.

More Information on Registration and Virtual Hearings


At your arraignment, you will enter a plea: GUILTY, NOT GUILTY or NO CONTEST to the charge. If you select GUILTY or NO CONTEST, the judge will set a penalty and the case will close. If you enter a NOT GUILTY plea, the court will assign you a pre-trial date with the Office of the City Attorney to review your citation.

Enter an Online Not Guilty Plea


At a pre-trial, you have an opportunity to discuss and settle your case with the City Attorney. If an agreement is not reached, the case will go to trial.


You and the City Attorney will present your case. The judge will decide whether you are guilty or not guilty.